Technical textile flexible solutions - FLEXSOL

Flexible tanks
For liquids storage and transportation
Inflatable tents
Tents, awnings
Oil spill booms
Oil pollution protection
Flood barriers
Flood protection
Fields of use
Flexsol - is innovative products for the storage and transportation of liquids, environmental protection and mobile camps organization.
  • Agriculture

  • Army

  • Industry

  • Emergency

  • Civil

Flexsol for agriculture
Flexsol products are used for various liquids storage in agriculture as well as arrangement of storage and transportation goods. Our products solve problems of waste recycling, are effective in animal and fish-breeding process.
  • Flexible tanks
  • Gas tanks
  • Tents
  • Pools for fish farming
Flexsol for army
Flexsol suggests economical and mobile tanks for drinking water and oil storage, produces inflatable tent for organizing different short term constructions: command center, field camp, hospital, shower, etc.
  • Flexible tanks
  • Inflatable tents
Flexsol for Industry
Flexible tanks are used in industry for production process maintenance, storage different type of liquids, repair and cleaning work, fire-fighting, wastes collection for further utilization.
  • Flexible tanks
Flexsol for emergency
Rescue solutions:
fire-fighting, liquidation of pollution water, flooding, evacuation and temporary location for people (humanitarian missions).
  • Flexible tanks
  • Oil spill booms
  • Flood barriers
  • Inflatable tents
Flexsol for civil
Flexsol is a manufacturer of water tanks and inflatable tents. They are widely used in water supply and transportation to remote regions, managing housing at the time of repair work in remote areas, heating people during cold weather.
  • Flexible tanks
  • Inflatable tents
European quality All products are manufactured on new high-frequency welding machine FIAB_900 from european fabrics only.
Warranty Flexsol company guarantees high quality and 1 year warranty against all manufacturing faults from the shipment date. At the same time, product «lifetime» is more than 10 years
Service We support our clients with a full cycle of services: starting product design and finishing installation at customer’s place.
Immediacy Production capacity and qualified specialists at our company, all this allows to make order as quickly as possible.
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